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Oxide Sputtering Targets by Nanjing Muchuan Super Materials Company

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Oxide Sputtering Targets by Nanjing Muchuan Super Materials Company

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Oxide Sputtering Targets by Nanjing Muchuan Super Materials Company
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CN
Certification: QC,COA,MSDS
Model Number: Oxide
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 80USD~300USD
Packaging Details: vacuum bag or box
Delivery Time: 10 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100pcs each month

Nanjing Muchuan Super Materials Company pay much attention to the density of all of our Oxide Sputterig Targets.

Our powder metallurgy processing technique,such as Hot Press,Vacuum firing make most of our Oxide Sputtering Target density can be >95%,some of them are 99%.

Aluminum Oxide, Al2O3 sputtering target, 99.99%

Antimony Oxide, Sb2O3 sputtering target 99.99%

Antimony Doped Tin Oxide, ATO sputtering target, 99.99%

Barium Oxide, BaO sputtering target, 99.99%

Barium Titanate,BaTiO3 sputtering target 99.9%

Bismuth Oxide,Bi2O3 sputtering target 99.99%

Bismuth Titanate,Bi4Ti3O12 sputtering target 99.9%

Ba Sr Titanate,BST sputtering target 99.9%

Chromium Oxide,Cr2O3 sputtering target 99.99%

Copper Oxide,CuO sputtering target 99.9%

Hafnium Oxide,HfO2 sputtering target 99.99%

Indium Oxide,In2O3 sputtering target 99.99%

Indium Tin Oxide,ITO sputtering target 99.99%

Lanthanum Oxide,La2O3 sputtering target 99.99%

Lanthanum Aluminate,LaAlO3 sputtering target 99.9%

Lead Titanate,PbTiO3 sputtering target 99.9%

Lead Zirconate,PbZrO3 sputtering target 99.9%

Lead Zirconate-Titanate,PZT sputtering target 99.9%

Lithium Niobate,LiNbO3 sputtering target 99.9%

Magnesium Oxide,MgO sputtering target 99.99%

Molybdenum Oxide,MoO3 sputtering target 99.99%

Niobium Pentoxide,Nb2O5 sputtering target 99.99%

Rare Earth Oxides,RE2O3 99.99%

Silicon Dioxide,SiO2 sputtering target 99.99%~99.995%

Silicon Monoxide,SiO sputtering target 99.95%

Strontium Oxide,SrO sputtering target 99.9%

Strontium Titanate,SrTiO3 sputtering target 99.9%

Tantalum Pentoxide,Ta2O5 sputtering target 99.99%

Tin Oxide,SnO2 sputtering target 99.99%

Titanium Dioxide, TiO2 sputtering target 99.99%

Titanium Oxide ,Ti3O5 sputtering target,99.99%

Vanadium Oxide ,V2O5/VO2 sputtering target,99.9%

Tungsten Oxide, WO3 sputtering target 99.99%

Yttrium Oxide, Y2O3 sputtering target 99.99%

Zinc Oxide, ZnO sputtering target 99.99%

ZnO/Al2O3, AZO sputtering target 99.99%

ZnO/In2O3, IZO sputtering target 99.99%

Zirconium Oxide, ZrO2 sputtering target 99.99%

Yttria Fully Stabilized Zirconia,YSZ Sputtering target,99.9%

Lithium phosphate,Li3PO4 sputtering target,99.9%


Size and shape: Max 300mm*200mm, plates, tablet, Pellet

We are able to design and do bonding service for all the above targets according to customer guide.

For more bonding service, please visit

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